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Types of Massage

Remedial massage is a comprehensive package of assessment, massage plan, techniques from sports, deep tissue and other massages and appropriate stretching post massage.

Deep tissue massage is just that, a deeper massage. These massage techniques are used after the muscles and tissues are well warmed to provide a deeper massage to relieve tension.

Sports massage combines deep massage and stretches to give greater muscle relief. Whilst it sounds targeted at the sports person, the techniques are regularly used to treat office worker muscle tension.

Relaxation massage is just lovely, if you are feeling stressed the relaxation techniques will certainly help to slow your body down and ease your mind, giving you some much needed ‘me’ time.

We know how important massage is for expecting mums and we have ensured that our pregnancy massage therapist has a certificate qualification from a full course in pregnancy massage.

The corporate massage is a 10-15 minutes seated massage at your workplace. It provides a great shoulder and neck massage to really relieve those tight spots to help you get on with your day.

Children love massage too. We only provide a 30 minute children’s massage as this tends to be long enough for the child’s attention span.