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Infant Massage courses

Babies need loving physical and emotional connections with their parents from the very beginning of life. These connections establish secure relationships which promote strong social connections in life, resilience and promote mental health. We all want to give our babies the best start in life.

Melts Away Massage therapists have studied the benefits and techniques of infant massage through the Nationally Recognised Baby In Mind course run by the International Association of Infant Massage.

Infant massage courses are all about the parents connecting with their babies. The therapist does not massage your baby. The therapist demonstrates the massage on a specially designed baby doll. Parents practice the massage on their baby with additional tips from the therapist, and then enjoy the amazing growing connection with their baby.

Benefits of infant massage

Course Dates and Cost

Stories from other participants

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Benefits of infant massage

There are many benefits to infant massage, from enjoying time with baby, relaxing and soothing and making connections. Check out the stories from other participants to see how they have benefited.


Enjoying time with baby

  • We all have busy lives and it is so important to spend special time with baby, and enjoyable time without rushing. The connections made as a baby are the basis for life. They are so crucial, yet we can rush around all day doing things that are best for baby and not have the time or energy for these special moments.


Relaxing and soothing

  • Babies, as you know, are new to this world. They don’t understand their surroundings, the noises, smells, bright lights etc etc. They need Mum and Dad to be there to help them to regulate their emotions to these sudden changes and unknown activities. Where Mum and Dad are able to listen and observe their baby’s cues and respond to them quickly, baby will be able to learn and respond appropriately to these same situations in the future.
  • You will learn some great techniques for soothing and relaxing baby ready for sleep.
  • You will also learn techniques to help baby release tummy gases. These are invaluable for those unsettled nights due to tummy pain.


Making time for connections

  • Baby needs to interact with mum and dad on an enjoyable level, time to communicate, time to build trust, a bond and a beautiful connection. These connections last a life-time.
  • As an instructor, when you see that connection occur it is the most rewarding experience.


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Course dates and cost

The next course dates are:

Course Time Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
1 9am Sunday 13 May 2018 Sunday 27 May 2018 Sunday 10 June 2018
2 3pm Sunday 13 May 2018 Sunday 27 May 2018 Sunday 10 June 2018
3 9am Sunday 5 August 2018 Sunday 19 August 2018 Sunday 2 September 2018
4 3pm Sunday 5 August 2018 Sunday 19 August 2018 Sunday 2 September 2018
5 9am Sunday 14 October 2018 Sunday 28 October 2018 Sunday 11 November 2018
6 3pm Sunday 14 October 2018 Sunday 28 October 2018 Sunday 11 November 2018
7 9am Sunday 25 November 2018 Sunday 9 December 2018 Sunday 23 December 2018
8 3pm Sunday 25 November 2018 Sunday 9 December 2018 Sunday 23 December 2018

Key course information:

  • Course cost is $150
  • Each course runs over three sessions, each a fortnight apart
  • Each session is 45-60 minutes in length
  • Course location is 4 Yathong Court Arana Hills (ample off-street parking on site)
  • Maximum of four families per session
  • Babies from 6 weeks to 11 months can attend the course.


Private courses

  • Private courses are an option within a 5 kilometre radius of Arana Hills
  • Course cost is $240 for single family
  • If however you arrange for two or more other families to participate at your location, the $150 cost per session applies with an addition charge of $60 for the group for travel costs
  • Contact us <link to contact us section on web site> to discuss this option further and to determine suitable course dates.


What to bring to the course:

  • a sheet or towel for baby to lay on (there will be towels available)
  • normal baby bag items (sessions run for 45-60 minutes).

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Stories from other participants

Previous participants have come from all walks of life with their own reasons for wanting to complete this course. We are grateful to each of them for sharing these gorgeous moments with their baby.

The participants’ names have not been used due to respect for their privacy. Only a sample have been listed to provide examples of the infant massage benefits.

  1. Couple with 6 week old baby girl
    • Thoroughly enjoyed the class interactions with the other parents.
    • Mum and Dad both came to the session, Dad enjoyed learning the massage with baby.
    • Now use the techniques with baby after a bath and before sleep time as a beautiful time to connect and relax. Mum finds this particularly beneficial now she has returned to work, it is a great reconnection activity after a busy day at work and day care.


  1. Dad having difficulty making a connection with baby resulting with extreme frustration and further disconnect with baby (baby was about 4 months old).
    • Dad participated with baby, Mum was there practicing with the baby doll, but out of sight.
    • Dad was very uncomfortable with the process, but to his credit he persisted.
    • By the end of the first session baby had fallen asleep and Dad asked me how to make this happen again. I asked ‘to make baby go to sleep?’. Dad said ‘No, this was the first time ever my son has looked into my eyes for more than 3 seconds’. So within 20 minutes this course had enabled a connection between father and son that had never occurred within the first 4 months. The key was about making relaxed one on one time together, with a bit of fun, but most of all connection.
    • Naturally as the sessions continued a greater connection was built. By the last session, as I knocked on the door to enter their home, I could hear Dad and baby laughing and having fun whilst changing baby’s nappy (and it was one of those major explosive nappies…). This would never have happened four weeks earlier.
    • Now father and son have a great connection, they are loving being together and they have a much happier and relaxed home.


  1. Mum with three kids under 5.
    • This session was run at Mum’s house (Dad was at work) with the three children participating.
    • The infant massage was for the 11 month old baby.
    • The older boy (5 years old) particularly loved the session and would massage his doll following my instruction at each session. He would also practice outside of the sessions. Now he can give Mum a nice massage…
    • Mum found the techniques of great benefit for settling baby for sleep time in a very busy household.

In general, most participants find this course provides them with techniques to connect and relax with their baby. Techniques to calm baby before sleep time, or help with tummy pains.

Book me in

To book in for a course simply email with your:

  • preferred start date and time (noting you will need to be available for the three sessions)
  • name
  • child’s name
  • partner’s name (if they are also attending).

The cost is $150 (for all three sessions). EFTPOS facilities are available on site, or you can PayPal to

What to bring to the course:

  • a sheet or towel for baby to lay on (there will be towels available)
  • normal baby items (sessions run for 45-60 minutes).

We look forward to meeting you and you baby at the session.

Any questions please email, call 1800718789, or text 0417423821.