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Professional and caring massage

Welcome to Melts Away Massage Therapy. Are your muscles tight, are you feeling stressed, perhaps you just need some me time or are wanting to maintain your muscle health?

Melts Away Massage is a professional and caring massage service where female therapists listen to your needs and work with you to achieve your desired massage and well-being outcomes. These outcomes may be pain relief, relaxation, muscle maintenance or just some peaceful me time.

At Melts Away Massage we take the time to listen and assess your muscle well-being concerns and develop an ongoing plan to meet your needs. We also work with your other health and well-being providers in the Arana Hills and Ferny Hills area to ensure you have a comprehensive plan to achieve your outcomes.

Remedial massage is a comprehensive package of assessment, massage plan, techniques from sports, deep tissue and other massages and appropriate stretching post massage.

Deep tissue massage is just that, a deeper massage. These massage techniques are used after the muscles and tissues are well warmed to provide a deeper massage to relieve tension.

Sports massage combines deep massage and stretches to give greater muscle relief. Whilst it sounds targeted at the sports person, the techniques are regularly used to treat office worker muscle tension.

We know how important massage is for expecting mums and we have ensured that our pregnancy massage therapist has a certificate qualification from a full course in pregnancy massage.

Relaxation massage is just lovely, if you are feeling stressed the relaxation techniques will certainly help to slow your body down and ease your mind, giving you some much needed ‘me’ time.

The corporate massage is a 10-15 minutes seated massage at your workplace. It provides a great shoulder and neck massage to really relieve those tight spots to help you get on with your day.

Melts Away Massage knows how busy and demanding life can be, so we keep your massage (from booking to payment) as simple as possible. All you want is a great massage to relieve your muscles or reduce stress. Let’s keep it simple, find out more about our Stress Free Massage Experience . Some of the great stress free massage experiences are:

  • Online bookings (yes after hours and weekends too)
  • Safe off street parking
  • Arrive on time to receive the full massage time
  • Enjoyand feel the relief of your amazing Melts Away Massage
  • Take your time to get off the table
  • Health fund rebates
  • Pay by EFTPOS, Paypal or cash
  • Feel great


We are child friendly, mums and dads are welcome to bring their babies and children whilst they have a massage

You will feel the benefits of a great Melts Away Massage straight away. So book in now, make the time for you and relax as your muscle tension melts away.

At Melts Away Massage our clients include Mums and Dads, office workers, physical outdoors workers, children, carers, retirees and many more from Arana Hills, Ferny Hills, Ferny Grove, Mitchelton, Grovely, Albany Creek and Everton Hills. Because we listen to your needs we will adjust the massage to suit the muscles in most need.

Relax as the muscle tension melts away.